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re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 2:39PM Thread Closed

rich, aint it

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  23 Nov 16 3:58PM Thread Closed

polly, if you're dancing and doing some kind of dance moves -- freeform or whatever -- it's always about your feet and about your body's relation to what your feet are doing. it's the same with poetry -- it's about how your body breathes and moves as you write. and, what i'm saying here is that you lose your mental plan-it trip and just actually lose your mind into wording with motion. but, it's not like we have a mind to lose, it's that we invent mind every moment, and creating something is to invent a mind that exists for more than a brief check on who's here and what.

i do know what poetry can be, and i have ideas about what poetry is. you're right that you're not able to figure out the thread, but you're not right to insult us into the dumpster. that's what the mods have been doing to us for years, and it's just made them look illiterate.  

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 7:37PM Thread Closed

Its better to be read than not. I might insult you but I dont condescend to you or anybody else. If something is posted publically you dont have a choice who reads it or has an opinion contrary to your own. Even if its about your 'own image' or how you perceive yourself. you guys have been telling me that for years. Let's all play by the same game rules. Anyway thanks for the reply. Why don't you start doing your reviews again? You seem to find that more entertaining than this.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 7:40PM Thread Closed

`written on phone. Excuse spelling/grammar issues

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  23 Nov 16 8:32PM Thread Closed

not better to be read. better to try to make your physical and sensual reality into your writing. just being read is worthless, if the reader can't understand the dialog and help me to step beyond my simple opinions -- can join in creating the concept of idea and knowledge -- of piecing together an image of what a poem is like for the mind. a good poem, we know what a good poem is like for the body.

a reader with a vocabulary of only five words would find your own poetry obscure and incomprehensible, and would be very angry and tell you you should write so that people can understand you. and, if you said, 'well, you only know five words and i know six', they'd say 'do you want people to read you or not!!". and, you'd say something like, 'retard... but, not here of course.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 10:07PM Thread Closed

i don't mean to be abrasive cad, or interfere with the vibe/aura, but some of the posts read like you both sat down and took peyote.

You will be having a small and intimate party, indeed, if only people that can achieve your high level of vocabulary/intellect are encouraged to attend.

You have a good vocab. So does Alc. I didn't suggest otherwise. I don't want to farm for arguments and I dislike the word retard in any context.

Good evening.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  23 Nov 16 11:25PM Thread Closed

yu do understand that you're just sounding like scolding mormon, and that's worthless here. you aren't able to read on the level that my writing requires. you're not the only one here, but even so that doesn't mean that i must write for people like you. i will say that anyone who is actually a poet here has always understood what i'm trying to do here and what i'm writing. i think that's part of the point of my posting here at all: to say that most things pushed up ( as in 'trainer bra' pushup ) are just lists of pleading slapped on the reader to get sympathy and to say something about someone else they wouldn't dare say to them in person.

it's not about vocabulary -- you and known have many words but you don't often use them poetically. there is a poetic move, a real feeling that you're in a poem and not just a imaginative space with bookmarks. you encourage feelings, don't you? why not include the feeling of losing it and going to far and then coming back into the page to sing it as a poem.

alc, frac, jeremy and a few other writers here are the elite writers here. they allow me to comment on their work, and that's how i've become a better writer in the several years i've been posting here.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  26 Nov 16 12:24AM Thread Closed

sorry cad. I only just seen that comment. Not sure what the appropriate reply should be.

How about a song?


What did the removed comment say?

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  26 Nov 16 12:27AM Thread Closed

Ooops. I put the wrong Tim Buckley song. I meant this one.


re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  26 Nov 16 1:50AM Thread Closed

alc... the last moment of the work has to come by accident. if you're constantly concerned about having your reader like you and keep contact with you, that moment will never come and your work will be transactional utility grade typing.

chance may rule, but chance has to rule on something. writers who say that 'it's all chance, what's to say what art is', are only as right as their work. people get up at slams and say, 'give me a phrase and i'll write a poem on it' are working the audience, a con, a thug move from a thug soul.

and, palsy, nobody gives a shit about pop music in the real world.

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