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re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  28 Nov 16 9:04AM Thread Closed

only a retard posts links no one will ever click

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  28 Nov 16 12:55PM Thread Closed

if being a retard means i am as far removed from you as is possible in a game that has no basis in reality, unknown, i'm happy to be one. thanks.

perhaps winning at a ludicrous fantasy would positively improve my self esteem but i doubt it.  i think i'll stick to my big girl ambitions and leave the strong stuff for you.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  28 Nov 16 1:00PM Thread Closed

^ total fucking spaz

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  28 Nov 16 3:23PM Thread Closed

polly, i don't think you're able to get it. your whole world is an extrusion of plastic food and music and entertainment created for the animal nature so beloved by tribal families locking their children into future servitude for the master of the castle. so, you've got beer and haircut-projectile singers and wallpaper music to work as a soundtrack to the romantic adventure movie you imagine yourself starring in, while you're filling out insurance claims or whatever your day job is.

my world is the world where everything means something and has to be lived with as a teacher or a threat -- every object is real can teach me, everyone real can too. i'm waiting, polly, and your links and your jabbering about normal only show how weird and disconnected normal is from reality.

it's not enough just to say stuff, you have to only tell what you actually feel like -- hate or love -- and i never feel you're doing anything but managing the crowd, spraying us with spam and tear gas when we get too rowdy.

there's a crowd here where you fit in, and that's fine -- you help people like larry feel needed. but, attacking me because i'm writing stuff you don't understand?? how would you be able to be critical of something you can't read? it'd be like it was in akkadian and you were pissed that it was too ancient to be about yu.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  28 Nov 16 5:34PM Thread Closed

Ahem. So what have you been up to lately then?

(Put a sock in it you boring old fucker...if you want to type off realms of vitriol at strangers at least make it entertaining.)

Total waste of the time it took to trudge thru that one, dear. I don't value hate in myself or others I'm afraid.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  28 Nov 16 5:51PM Thread Closed

"old"... ? ageist swine. you're always cheating to keep that air freshener glow. "old" is having to post stale videos of tune-farters and rent-boy comics, as if.  

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  28 Nov 16 7:41PM Thread Closed

oh your such a swine, polly. you're so mean, polly. everything you type reads like whining. honestly.

i don't know what rent-boy means, i'm sorry. is that some british gay speak or something?

i'm sorry i even commented to begin with. be boring in your own boring little world if you like. i really don't care.

i call you old because your intolerance for others shows in your writing and the way you conduct yourself on this website.

world don't owe you no living, cad. or me.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  28 Nov 16 7:44PM Thread Closed

difference is, i know that.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  28 Nov 16 7:48PM Thread Closed

the only enjoyment you seem to derive from this website is writing about how you are superior to others (me, mainly) - whatever, be superior, I don't really care. shit like that aint important to me, fella. why don't you just get over yourself? I was playing...

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  28 Nov 16 7:58PM Thread Closed

> difference is, i know that.

you really do misinform yourself about what a spaz you are, pollyspaz.

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