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poetry is making  cadmium  6 Jan 17 11:57AM Thread Closed

poetry is about making something, not saying something. 'saying' can be done with a punch or a kiss -- as unks and plastic jesus's and trolls here know and long for.

re: poetry is making  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 1:10PM Thread Closed

"Casting your nets into other people's seas"

I don't know, Cadmium, perhaps 'poetry' has evolved into advanced fishery for the 'spiritual attainment' of theoretic subculture? Or was that applied subculture?

Wot yu fink?

Luv Yogi. (Bear that is. Picnic Basket, Rubbish Bins)

re: polly is faking  cadmium  6 Jan 17 4:59PM Thread Closed

when you're young your art form is people -- you play people, make them deviate from their trip. when you're old, you play with matter -- deviate the molecular structure of things to change the universe. you can't change the universe by throwing a party or voting for a great leader, even if some correctional robot tells you you can be anything you want to be. don't be anything, make something.

re: poetry is making  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 8:29PM Thread Closed

Sounds true

Keeping with the net/sea theme?



you're better at posting links to other people's creative work than
> talking or writing, trolly polly.

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