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Gematria  PollyReg  2 Feb 17 12:59PM Thread Closed

So, I was reading this conspiracist website (I was bored) and this sometime Jewish Rabbi said he believed that Donald Trump getting in signified the coming of the messiah in 2022...

He gave a few kooky reasons why this was so...One of them being the gematria of Trumps name being equal to Messiah or something like that...

Anyway, so I've heard of numerology and all that before but this gematria is kind of fun....

Here is the wiki link:


And here is a fun site where you can put your name or a phrase and it gives you relational phrases and words


I got some fun ones: omega and 'make belief' and one of my sons names.

When I put my full, married name I got Star of David among others...

But anyway it's 5 minutes of fun if anyone is interested :-)

re: Gematria  PollyReg  2 Feb 17 1:02PM Thread Closed

When I put PollyReg some of the ones I get are Bully, Xanax and second coming of Christ. LOL

re: Gematria  PollyReg  2 Feb 17 5:08PM Thread Closed

Also, while I am posting links to things and for anybody who likes to read:


This site has a new issue out. They always have a pretty good selection.

re: Gematria  PollyReg  3 Feb 17 11:46PM Thread Closed

<3 This is awesome, had to share


White wedding  PollyReg  12 Feb 17 12:04AM Thread Closed

An old attempt at making YouTube clips.

I'm the one in an aqua (aqua?) blouse sitting on a blue chair


Making videos part 2  PollyReg  12 Feb 17 12:33AM Thread Closed


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