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re: ?¿ intertextual-fugues ?¿  AlchemiA  21 May 17 11:14PM Thread Closed

what is metaphor for? -- parting lips:
our tongue whirls words,
in-between what we said and what we mean…
hear infinity in the conch of our ears hissing there,
making us aware of rhythms deep, deep inside;
while liquid last eyes
dare to see the numinous dissolving-us
into an ephemeral shining at the back of our mind,
illuminating the limits of the fatal-skin we're-in,
and they beckon us to taste, to drink and
to transmute within, this 'word-water' into wine --

re: ?¿ intertextual-fugues ?¿  cadmium  21 May 17 11:15PM Thread Closed

to really change, you have to be open. the poem imprints on you, the way they talk about learning imprinting on the kid. reading is a yoga, where the form you take releases you from your sedent form. i've talked with people -- workers of a type -- who told me they only like to read when they can cozy in a chair with a drink of some kind.

tolstoy is a good choice for you to quote. it's smart, because he's a propagandist, not a poet. the important thing for him is to make you -- force you -- to believe in the brotherhood of the spirit, the necessity for paying attention to superior types like him. he's a smiling monkey, forcing you to look at him, give him attention, and smile back at him. some people here are committee people who think a perfect world would be where everyone sat around and thought the same beautiful thought... even though that thought might be, we will improve sales next quarter. tolstoy just wants smiling idiots indebted to him for making things groovy.

to really change you have to not trust what you think you know. poetry isn't for everyone, and i understand and accept that. i just wish the propaganists wouldn't insist we play follow the leader. doing that doesn't allow us to find what poem we really could write -- or, even discover that we're capable of writing above need and greed.  

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