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re: when should i write poetry?  cadmium  26 May 17 12:36PM Thread Closed

it was an ironic little ditty to a music of its own. but it wasn't smart enough to do more than just be text with benefits. it created some coflict, and the writing style played with the reader enough to make it seem to have a pulse. but it wasn't a keeper. it wasn't smart enough to break the brain, to make my brain see more scope than it gave. that made it boring narrative, jkweb level manipulation and isabelle irony and polly cluelessness. that's the hidden family in it. pointless and pretentious.  got to do better.

re: when should i write poetry?  AlchemiA  26 May 17 8:13PM Thread Closed

The music runs through me, occupying the space that each tonal phrase creates inside -- there it swells, it swells, it swells, and brings forth a timbre rising toward a gesture, and makes me move, I sway as it awakens my body, and then, slowly, slowly, in an echo of shadows, seems willing to disappear in many reflections on a bead of sweat.

re: when should i write poetry?  PollyReg  26 May 17 9:05PM Thread Closed

"and polly cluelessness."

That's a nice compliment.  

Indeed, I am clueless....I have to be to participate in my own present.  I still have some lawn maintenance left though.

re: when should i write poetry?  PollyReg  26 May 17 9:22PM Thread Closed

Set theory, anyone?

re: when should i write poetry?  cadmium  27 May 17 5:01AM Thread Closed

"set theory". i want to direct this to alc and you can correct my misunderstandings. i'm willing to see set theory as conceptual and the objects in a poem as objects in a set. i'm willing to understand the poem as the set of all sets within the poem, and poetry as the set of all poems.

set theory involves ordering chaos into patterns. let's say that 'chaos' is like anything we at first don't understand, can't figure out, can't find the figure in the carpet.

the reality of poetry is that we accept that the chaos of the world can be reduced to a set of verbal expressions. the reality of making poetry is that the chaos of moving in the world can be reduced to a set of ordered motions. we reduce anxiety and wonder down to the sayable... 'i can talk about that.' fixing the things which seem to be the cause of our problems into a set that also includes things we're profoundly disappointed and things which mindlessly and outside of our concerns make us happy.

no money. no friend. doughnuts.

looking at a venn diagram you've got this simple little tool for visualizing relationships -- i'm defining things belonging together, creating a relationship --

looking at a venn diagram -- it's been 30 years for me since i've had to look at one -- you see shapes and little lenses where sets overlap, and cat's eyes -- all the things a poet and artist is going to find in them. and, if you painted the segments of a venn diagram you could make a figure, an image of some kind of living object. si? bella?

what i'm trying to do here is say that a poem is a set of objects combined into a pattern and, with form and syntax, painted into a something which seems to be talking to us. a poem imprints on us, the way a child is imprinted by, well, most anything that captures its fancy.

ten years after i'd studied phil and math phil and prop logic in college, i read gleick's chaos. that got me into fractals. poetry as fractal, the words themselves are particles in a stream, and are the gross patterns of an intermingling diminishing but identical patterns settling down, reifiying or simplifying to a common conjunction of one thing with another thing, but understood flavored, as nice, as "colored water" -- a banality of the obvious, made fascinating just because some things work more directly on our senses -- some colors, shapes and relationships of things just look 'sexy' or whatever.

hope this makes sense to you. i does to me... i mean, i look at these concepts and see their roots and where the meaning of the concept attaches to some universal, or simply passes along in sympathy with the madding crowd.

no need to use math or science as a metaphor. they're already metaphors for things that can't really be known except through 'it looks like...'. but, a poet's lumber is metaphor, so go, as did georg cantor, that saint, and put two and none together.

re: when should i write poetry?  PollyReg  31 May 17 3:33PM Thread Closed

I assume "Alc" referred to me? LOL. Okay whatever,  I'll take it, I'm nothing if not a not-snob...

Your comment wasn't wrong, , it was just boring. Did you have to check on wiki about what I meant by my own?

My comment about set theory was to the other poster, yes?

A review of what he wrote.

If anyone else with half a brain was bothered to look it up, they might see what I meant.


I'm sure Alechemia did....

Here you go (Mike)

I just woke up from dreaming I was fighting with my inlaws, lol. Almost as gold....

re: when should i write poetry?  cadmium  31 May 17 6:14PM Thread Closed

polly, what you're not getting is that this site is an opportunity to write about writing and about poetry. you sometimes don't know the implications of what you tweet here. you mention 'grammar' without defining 'grammar' -- you link music vids without talking about the relationship between music and poetry. you chat without asking whether chat and poetry are in the same language space. naturally, then, you're going to be confused when people answer back on another level.

re: when should i write poetry?  PollyReg  31 May 17 9:38PM Thread Closed

It's disturbing that a site like this has 'implications' for the participants. What does that mean then? That we are all to love the shit out of everything anybody writes?  Otherwise we are on a lower 'level'? .It's nice, though, that you are the keeper of 'feelings' (every bodies feelings but mine) on the website, cadmium. Unfortunately however, that outlook does not promote integrity. And I don't mean moral integrity, because it can't exist in this context...I just mean I prefer my lower level.

re: when should i write poetry?  PollyReg  31 May 17 10:29PM Thread Closed

Defining grammar?

My problem is always (in my writing and in my life) that I assume I'm understood.

However, it's not always the case.

I assume that others know what I'm talking about, that we are on a compatible level.

And I don't think that's a real problem ....though it might be more pronounced in me because it's also a cultural social behaviour...

(Incidentally, this website has been a learning experience for me because I've had a chance to compare a predominately American 'social behaviour' with what I know and am used to...Neither is better, I've just found them different in quite pronounced ways)

...but anyway, babbling on about myself aside, if I comment about grammar to a standard grammar user I assume they know that I mean they've detoured from their usage pattern. At least in terms of that poem.

Conversely, If someone's doing fancies with grammar it's usually clear to me and I wouldn't normally address it.

If a 'fancy' isn't clear, well then as far as I'm concerned,  it's just poor usage.

re: when should i write poetry?  cadmium  31 May 17 10:29PM Thread Closed

the title of the site is 'poetry critical', not 'martha stewart pretty polly poetry'... LOL.

get used to it, because it's a site for writers... you're always being judged by how you write, not what you write. i expect people to shred my writing and i don't like dumb 'this is good' comments on my stuff. and, i don't care anymore about any pop music written after 1938, so i'm not going to be de-hipped by some youtube vid of commercial crap from the '60's telling me to chill out, to not be up-tight and be sure to buy lots more music so's mick and the pricks can buy stuff too.  

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