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RIP  unknown  29 Aug 17 3:36PM Thread Closed

No surprise, with no new blood, that the board is dead.
Long live the board.

re: RIP  cadmium  29 Aug 17 4:49PM Thread Closed

what bothers me is how passive 'poets' must be -- that, if they're like you, they're waiting around for someone to say a funny or sob some tears. it's like some bar, some skummy bar, where it's early in the evening and nobody's tried to dance on the table yet.

all you've got to do is fucking say something more than 'gimmee some ha-ha'... you and most everyone else here who uses the site for a soap opera.

just fucking write a comment that's more than showing you like something. nobody cares. you want the site to be something, and you can't even say in the post what it is you want -- you're just saying some negative shit. that'll get you elected president these days, but it won't make you anything here but a troll.

re: RIP  unknown  30 Aug 17 7:28AM Thread Closed

One day you'll learn how to be civil and critical in the same breath, Mr B.
Facts are facts - try and create a new account and you'll get it.
I'm in mourning - upon a time you could learn a trick from the board - but now if you're lucky there's only caustic Mike and parrot lady posting songs to each other.
Two poetry sites lost this year - definitely a trend.

re: RIP  cadmium  30 Aug 17 1:11PM Thread Closed

thank you, miss manners.

re: RIP  unknown  30 Aug 17 1:15PM Thread Closed

You're welcome, Mr Caustic.

re: RIP  cadmium  30 Aug 17 5:50PM Thread Closed

"caustic" is what poets do -- they define themselves against something, in contrast to something. 'caustic' is good.

this is a poetry workshop. it's open to anyone, including real poets. when real poets show up at a poetry brunch things go to hell. the poet is expressing the poem, the verse writers are tendering offers as little letters of credit or intent.

real poets come here and they're attacked by you 'nice people'. it's all, 'learn to spell!' and, 'why don't you write so we can understand you!!'. we invent spelling -- we ask you to learn to read poetry -- and, we write for the other real poets. nobody's stopping anyone from being here. you guys are obnoxious, yes, totally trailer-park trash about what you want here. you've always got some junk for a yard sale, but really don't want to write about why you're writing and who you are inside the poem. you don't even know that world i'm talking about, one where it's not just typing 'feelings' for likes.

when i've left the site, for a half year or more, it doesn't change -- the tourists post and then stop posting because they realize your likes and dislikes don't mean anything. you should only write poetry when you have to write to survive. you should comment as though the author was you and you're talking to the author the way you'd want to be talked to about your poem. the point here is to make poetry worth writing.

re: RIP  PollyReg  30 Aug 17 7:58PM Thread Closed

The site's not secure.

It's a shame because a site that allowed you to post your poems anonymously had a great potential.

I've posted songs because I'm listening to them and I can't see a valid reason not to. If others want to listen to them, up to them.

re: RIP  cadmium  30 Aug 17 8:12PM Thread Closed

"anonymous" turned out to be sociopath. that's why Don gave up. supposedly,  the weaker writers could post and not be responsible for their writing. everybody gets a gold star. it just brought out the evil. you, polly, posting your net marketing cut and paste. ppthe weaker thinkers just give up. they didn't leave because of my crits, they left because the like crits are so fucking boring. and, on top of that, they'd get a page of gucci ads.

the site is only as smart as the people who use it.using it as your private facebook, the way isabelle and mandy and  j.k. and rask and sneaky starr and you do, makes poetry look insipid to the chance writer.

the only way for the verbal to become a man is to write yourself out of conformity.

re: RIP  PollyReg  30 Aug 17 8:28PM Thread Closed

That net marketing thing certainly tickles your fanny, doesn't it?

re: RIP  unknown  31 Aug 17 5:50AM Thread Closed

Have no illusions, Mike  -- you are (in part) culpable for the demise.
And caustic, meaning scathing or bitter with a capital B is not 'good'.
You've always pissed on people here often for personal unsavory motives.
Time to wake up & realize Mikey's vision of the world isn't the only one there is.
Fix your teeth before they fall out.

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