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re: RIP  cadmium  4 Sep 17 12:28PM Thread Closed

you want to keep working the hate on geriatrics theme. if you get down into age generality it becomes banal, you make me just sound like everyone, and what you want to show is that i'm seriously 'funny', seriously defective.

work the 'situation' -- show the reader the actual state of affairs.

"it's ok to forget what you were mad about when it's getting past yer bedtime. but, hell, your bedtime's getting too numerous in the day: you start getting more mad that you can't find your pillow -- how the hell did you lose your pillow?"

also, i'd be too old to know what 'AFK' means. allowing that means you're just playing. i suspect it's hard for you to just play.

speaking of the play you do allow yourself. is 'progress in poetry' about some artist in 1917 using found objects as sculpture, and then using 'found words' as poetry? automatic writing? just banging out whatever comes to mind and figuring it's poetry because you want the reader to feel it is? when you yourself don't even believe it. that's a nice game. 1917.

re: RIP  cadmium  4 Sep 17 12:42PM Thread Closed

by the way, did you see the comments on 'to the teacher...'? they actually were as destructive as you say i'm being destructive. i'd never write such a shallow comment on a poem which was so obviously a beginner's piece showing little talent. i'd let it go, and let the happy-face people like it or hate it. they did.

i've always realized that people like you -- the haters and victimized -- only really read your own work, with maybe also reading some piece with a catchy title. you're kind of marginal on the site all the way around -- you can't theorize, you can't write poetry and you can't crit. what can you do for us here? complain about me? because, there's always been too many writers here who've been helped on a poem by something i've written about it. i've just got too much experience writing to not be able to say something useful once in awhile. -- the way i'm trying to get you to take off your arty poet's hat and write some short stories -- get the 'i tell you' out of your system so that you can start writing about what you're afraid of writing. even if it's a short story. it doesn't matter, really, because it's about you becoming real, not liked.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  6 Sep 17 5:31AM Thread Closed

Been moon-bathing Away From Keyboard.
As usual you resort to a bunch of assumptions driven by the Bauer ego based on your own crock boned version of diddly squat.
I started this to try and find out if Pc is dead or not, so to preserve the integrity of the thread, why don't we both shut up and ask others to make a contribution.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  cadmium  6 Sep 17 3:02PM Thread Closed

your assumption is that you're a poet. let's see some thought about why you've been so gifted. if your self-justification for writing here isn't just affirmative action, i mean... where you're using 'poetry empowerment', as a crip-ramp to be able to even pretend to be literary...?  if you can't write about why you're writing, then you're not a writer, you don't like writing. that's why you have to use this vapor-concept 'poetry' as your crutch.  

limp on to sesame street, o, muppet.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  8 Sep 17 8:46AM Thread Closed

Feet of clay and a rising tide^^^

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  cadmium  8 Sep 17 11:12AM Thread Closed

did you make that image up by yourself?

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  9 Sep 17 5:28AM Thread Closed

Hell no, had to enlist the poet's union for that one.
I used to run all my stuff past the Hallmark team until they got too paranoid about the rise of the E card. Who checks your scribble?

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  cadmium  9 Sep 17 12:23PM Thread Closed

you joke, but  in the 90's plus there was a group in LA called, i think, the san fernando valley poets. they had shirts made in the style of bowling club shirts, and they'd read as a team at bookstores and dumpsters... ? no, not dumpsters, i mean lalapalooza type craft faires.

i thought that was dumb. people, kids, don't have any reason to write unless they're unhappy or in love. sometimes they write funny or political, but the poetry part gets in their way and they start saying that 'everything is poetry', and that allows them to write little essays with funny line breaks but not worry about 'paragraph'. that's ok, until they get all vanity about it and think they're poets and post in sites like this. they think we should be butt-fucked by their brilliant thoughts about trump or buddha or about the tacky people shopping at walmart. they're not geniuses with words yet, but they're using words. maybe some show talent in HOW they use words. maybe they read one of our comments and see that they can get more out of the site than just a cheap 'like'.

poetry is an process. you become real when you make things which others can be real with. if you're only a journalist or story writer, you should have the guts to write like a writer and not pass off your typing as brilliant because 'nobody knows what a poem is'. nobody knows what a 'male' is, right? except for that dick you have or don't have. same with talent.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  11 Sep 17 11:54PM Thread Closed

They're still hitting the fan with 'Write On' over the front of the shirts, impertinently passing off their own personal experience as art & making a buck from the merchandising while Byron spins in his grave & the devils in Hollywood hum the theme to Con Air with plastic roses melting in their mouths.
But if poetry for the masses gives you a rash, if you think popular and mediocre walk hand in hand, you'll just sound bitter. Even though it ain't the sixties, people are just as dumb as they were back then, thinking words would change the world & we'd all live happy together.
Niche never could cut butter -- it only dripped off the knife.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  cadmium  12 Sep 17 5:29AM Thread Closed

you won't get the reference, but the galimir quartet played ravel as though it were frank bridges, instead of making the F quartet sound like sound track. ravel supervised the recording and thought they were wonderful. bridges is an English music from the late 1880's on. it's a self conscious and homely music but learned, and, sometimes pretty. but it's not meant to be a commercial music. it's a music for the masses who need to hear music.. ravel, debussy, they were closer to home made music than performances in an equivalent Hollywood style. do you get what I mean? that poetry is always personal, and commercial is always for some other use.

I say you won't get the reference,  because I know you don't know how to read modern poetry. the Barnes and nobel crap,  the word art performance sludge, it's exactly the same low energy hobby shit the popular poetry magazines printed in the 1950's. it's not that it's niche, it's that it's beginner piano playing, playing paul mccartney. if it were that here, music instead of wording, you'd hear it as it was and crit it as music critical instead of 'who's to say what's music' dot com.

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