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several poems in the poem  cadmium  25 Sep 17 10:10PM Thread Closed

i start out by getting rid of all that fat chat talk that life makes me talk. i look inside and see what i feel i'm feeling about, and what can actually be said about it. then, i start writing, but i'm looking in the rear view mirror watching the reader tail-gating me, and i know i've got to be consistent and not jerk the reader around, like known and perc, just to get my rocks off in laughter at the poor fools who'd think they were reading a poem. then, losing that self-consciousness, i start finding what i can actually know about how the feelings bind to my life and make a self at all.

all the while it's not just a mental trip, like poogy the unknown's brilliant dictionary and thesaurus treasures -- little gems too breathlessly twink to live anywhere but in poetry websites. i mean, i'm not trying to trick myself into thinking i'm writing poetry.

so, the feelings and my body re-merge back in the material sound and shape of writing, and i discover -- DISCOVER -- what the emotion i'm feeling is. i mean, not the cheap pop life 'love, hate, munchies' things pre-packaged. not the phony, gottta say something but i don't know how to say anything.

i mean, the moment when the ancient ghosts step in and make me say and do on the page what i can't see or say on my own.

so, they wrote this. don't y'all go hatin' on me, cause i'm just their slave.

re: several poems in the poem  unknown  26 Sep 17 9:59PM Thread Closed

every poem has been written already, except the poem that makes all poems obsolete

re: several poems in the poem  cadmium  26 Sep 17 10:50PM Thread Closed

that's such bullshit. a poem is a picture of the author. every author, poet, is bent out of the ordinary, split face, two brains inside fighting. poetry isn't this sucky nipple bliss back to your childhood. it's a step into becoming an individual.

'subjectivity' is real: i have no reason to think that you're real. anything i know is made by me into knowable. you're an unk. are you the spammer unk? is each bed-wetting of spam your failure to be a poet?

re: several poems in the poem  unknown  27 Sep 17 3:48AM Thread Closed


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