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poetry is always rhyme  cadmium  4 Oct 17 2:50AM Thread Closed

poetry is rhyme. poetry is chaos organized into words.

'organize' always means structure.

structure means reflection.

reflection means repetition.

repetition means rhyme.

poetry, it's always in rhyme, even if it doesn't look like one.

that's why reading a poem out loud is so important. you bend the words as you read to make them friendly, to make them rhyme with each other.

re: poetry is always rhyme  PollyReg  7 Oct 17 4:55AM Thread Closed

Hello Cadmium,




re: poetry is always rhyme  cadmium  8 Oct 17 6:21PM Thread Closed

there's this way of typing out that's like holding up a sign at a protest. we get that the author is angry or annoyed or getting paid to hold the sign, but it's not poetry. expecting us to accept it as poetry because the author is such a nice person, is like accepting chemicals in your drinking water cause your dad works for monsanto.

re: poetry is always rhyme  unknown  10 Oct 17 5:21AM Thread Closed


re: poetry is always rhyme  Haxxen  14 Oct 17 8:46AM Thread Closed

Hullo cad. I enjoyed your "too dumb to crit" post.

With regards to this one, though, I'm baffled and would appreciate further explanation.

Following is the poem that is the wet dream of poetry professors world wide. I never understood why, and so assumed maybe I was to dumb. ;)

"so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

It doesn't seem to follow any rhyme logic. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

re: poetry is always rhyme  cadmium  14 Oct 17 4:02PM Thread Closed

yes, it's a stretch to say this.

but, i never thought this williams piece was poetry.

but, to make it seem like poetry, follow the vowels and hear in your head as you read it out loud, hear how you make it into 'poetry' -- how you work to make it lyrical. the final 'chickens' is an ironic throw away. remember when you first read or heard this piece, how you had to turn arty to get it. and, in class, how the professors ram this into poetry.

think what rhyme is. think of blake's the tiger. in blake's time and dialect, the final couplet has to be rhyming 'eye' and 'symmetry'... but, i'd learned to pronounce 'eye' as 'ay' and 'symmetry' as 'sem-et-tree'.

re: poetry is always rhyme  unknown  14 Oct 17 4:46PM Thread Closed

The dust blows forwards and the dust blows back.

re: poetry is always rhyme  cadmium  14 Oct 17 5:31PM Thread Closed

dude, you're really a zen enlightened individual. and, your contribution to wording has to be on the level of the great advertising geniuses who gave us such powerful cliches as, "now it's pepsi, for folks who think young."

the sound of the wind
blowing through his empty head:
teen-brat tweeting 'poetry is dead.'

re: poetry is always rhyme  Haxxen  14 Oct 17 6:06PM Thread Closed

Your response made sense to me cad. Thanks

re: poetry is always rhyme  unknown  15 Oct 17 8:08AM Thread Closed


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