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do i have multiple accounts?  cadmium  13 Oct 17 8:19PM Thread Closed

someone asked me, and if it helps anyone having a 'are you posting under more than one name here?' moment, i only post as cadmium. i'd be ashamed to post as an unknown, cause my mom would have to change my wet bedsheet every morning and i'm too old for that.

also, i'm not the gucci bag spammer -- i do things with words, not with links.

looking through the posts, you'll find a couple or more names i've used here: they all got blocked by the 'plath' moderator, an original 'safe-space' social justice warrior who didn't like it that i asked everyone worth asking, 'why is this thing you posted a poem and not a memo?' -- she just knew that poets fart roses and that it's impolite to talk about that in public.

the comment formula for mods was, blue roses for boys and pink roses for girls -- but, don't admit it in print, cause it might make faggots like me feel left out.

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