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So hey  dvdsxr  14 Oct 17 9:25PM Thread Closed

I've started a facebook page called "daily poetry challenge" .... it isn't the first, or entirely unique... but it IS a serious attempt at trying to help my writer friends come out of their shells and let the world read their shit. A couple people out of the 20 or so that I added are into it, but I need more people who are willing to post poetry and help inspire everyone else to share. I want to help writers improve, and I think one of the more important steps towards that is exposing your writing in the first place... I've been coming here for years and getting critical feedback that has helped me tremendously... and I'm trying to get my writer friends to do the same thing. improve.

if anyone here wants to join this facebook page, let me know

re: So hey  cadmium  15 Oct 17 3:19AM Thread Closed

i dunno. people don't comment enough here. i don't see how reducing the scale and scope is going to squeeze more comments out of people. as for safety and friendliness, 'poetrycircle' is safe and delicate and all, but the comments are pretty worthless: 'i like this.' 'dogs are nice'. 'passionate!'...

i just post here, trying to post useful stuff, and waiting for anyone who can talk about why and how they write a poem to show up and post too. the best would be someone who's as into it as i am, but having the completely opposite idea from mine of what poets do.

not many smart people here. the level of attack is to do a hillery on me for being so rude, instead of doing an analysis of what i've said to show that i'm wrong. i already know i'm wrong, i just don't know how.

you want me, say, to join your group, but i've never seen a really thoughtful reading from you of one of my poems. i'm not saying you need to, only that i'm not interested in finding other warm bodies and saying stuff to keep from being alone.

re: So hey  cadmium  15 Oct 17 4:52PM Thread Closed

ok, so talking with you and checking out how you made the site work, i've joined. you seem sincere and into writing on one level or another, and that's enough. if it all goes south, like too much emo, i'll just write myself out of the experience in a new poem.


re: So hey  cadmium  17 Oct 17 4:30AM Thread Closed

starting on the new poem.

re: So hey  unknown  17 Oct 17 8:09AM Thread Closed


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