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Posting  goeszon  16 Feb 18 2:11PM Thread Closed

Is it posible to print a poem you wrote or post it some where else for viewing ?

re: Posting  Qayyum  6 Mar 18 3:38AM Thread Closed

Peace to you, sorry for late post.

Yes, you can! It's your poem, so whatever you want to do with it, do it!

I'm saying this because I did the same :P.

Peace to you.

re: Posting  Qayyum  6 Mar 18 3:40AM Thread Closed

P.S.: Also, I don't print it directly from this website. This website layout does not make for a nice page. I have to use a word processor, modify my pages to my liking, and printer of my own choosing, and papers, and staplers.

Peace to you.

re: Posting  unknown  14 Mar 18 3:27PM Thread Closed

I am going to start writing and trying to post the same... everything is complicated for me... I love to write at 70 years old... there is alot in store for readers if there are any... I don't know where else to post my stuff ? I have about 500 pieces... some I've never posted here before... thanks for your helps... I'll start today posting some offerings... Peace to you also... mike

re: Posting  cadmium  15 Mar 18 2:45PM Thread Closed

better to be humble and realize posting here is to help you grow as a writer and individual. you'll have to learn how to deal with writers who think buzzing their balls or flashing their tits is what it's about... that poetry is free sex. just say'n.

also, there's weepers like me, moan'n about that lost cat or chic and how it just ain't fair. we pressure the dickheads to get out of narcissistic ego and talk about why they're worth anything to us as writers. but, there's lots more types here, and what's real for all of us is that were'doing it with words. whatever your trip, if you do it with style, we'll like you.

mike, 71

re: Posting  unknown  9 Apr 18 11:07AM Thread Closed

So spake the 71 year old man who is so ego bound he doesn't even stop for a moment and wonder why this site has been reduced to rubble and dust.

Bin man

re: Posting  cadmium  11 Apr 18 7:49PM Thread Closed

spamming like this is what killed the site. you're so weak that you can't even post a poem. most people who posted here are like you -- farting out some words like an eight year old, and whining when somebody doesn't praise you.

in fact, you're so stupid that you can't even see that the site is alive -- people still post here. what the fuck do you do to help them? bitch about me?

re: Posting  unknown  13 Apr 18 7:11AM Thread Closed

Your fevered self justifying almost whining reply says it all. You have made a big contribution to the decline of this site and i think you must have real problems if you can't see that.

Bin Man

re: Posting  cadmium  13 Apr 18 3:45PM Thread Closed

unknowns are one person. one unknown is spamming our poems. you are that unknown and nothing you say is anything but inarticulate spam. your negative talent is the reason for the site's decline.

re: Posting  larrylark  14 Apr 18 6:38AM Thread Closed

The truth of this matter is that you dare not look in your own back yard. Your heavy hand lies everywhere here and your tone is so sneeringly superior. People like you always end up speaking into the void just as you have on this site.

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