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re: Posting  unknown  14 Apr 18 10:31PM Thread Closed

Am I here again? (test posting)

re: Posting  cadmium  15 Apr 18 5:17AM Thread Closed

larry, i've pushed you into believing that poetry has more meaning and human value than just a donkey ironic smart and codescending word fart.

i want writing as a path to consciousness. you used to only write self consciously for hugs. youxre a better writer now.

re: Posting  larrylark  15 Apr 18 6:28AM Thread Closed

  Writing by the way is a lonely world and the last thing one should seek there is comfort.Give it a rest Cad. Your inflated opinion of writing according to the world of Cadmium is staggering in its pompous self conceit. Writing by the way is a lonely world where there are no hugs and nor should anyone but a fool expect any. Your hobby horse sounds tired and worn out. Time to stick your snout in the nose bag of different flavours like how to come across as a more pleasant individual with something relevant to say beyond words that inflate you own high opinion of yourself.

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