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facebook censorship and even the old poetry critical censorship  cadmium  24 Apr 18 9:59PM Thread Closed

i'm gay and i think facebook's censoring to protect me from hate speech is patronizing and sexist. i'd rather be protected from adolescent doofs like zuckerberg who obviously think 'gay' is a life-style choice that has no real substance and needs to be protected. a real existential substance has that resolve which grows the individual as an individual and not a victim.

straights are straight and they don't really have that much experience with us.... not really. they usually fantasize about our life to kind of tourist in the physical. the reality is that we're not sex fiends. and, it's nice that we're all a fad now. but, we've been creating fads and thoughts for straights since socrates and we know how to create our way out of hate speech on our own. anger is healthy. fear is healthy if, in the actual world, there's no remedy: just polite doesn't prevent people turning on you when the mental health police come around. to counter a vicious world we write books and plays and songs about how love is real. someone has to say this to the mindless mechanicals.

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