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not what, but why  cadmium  2 May 18 9:37PM Thread Closed

when i'm one on one here with another poet, i grow as a poet. when i'm me with two others of differing talent, there's no intellectual balance and i turn into a teacher. so, larry and percocetti feed each other off my energy.

when there's three or more... throw isabelle and jkweb into the mix with the others...  then i turn into a clown, because they're only out for themselves... they mob up, fascist pushing creative's out with "everybody knows". poetry is secondary to their infantile needs.

alc has always known this and sometimes warned. but, the most others haven't a clue about creative evolution and don't care. it makes for passive writing.

re: not what, but why  unknown  3 May 18 1:52PM Thread Closed

There is ego and then there is massive ego.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  3 May 18 8:51PM Thread Closed

and vanity. posting as an unk is shallow and narcissist. ego is healthy, it changes nothing. if its warranted it's nurturing in the face of jealousy. if it's not warranted it's just a noise in the night. narcissism, though, is abusive. here, it makes for shitty writing, always milking the reader for love. have a you day.

re: not what, but why  unknown  4 May 18 4:44AM Thread Closed

and its obviously rampant and knows no bounds

re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 6:36AM Thread Closed

if you're a part of the poetry part you know that vanity is the engine of love and that every poem is a love poem to someone. for the frozen in spirit that poem will be to themself, telling how wonderful they are to have lived so long of put up with that prick or whatever. the most narcissisticic move is to write about the props in the film about who won the election or what st. rayon would say if he saw that tie you're wearing.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 9:47AM Thread Closed

the argument i've always had here is that the people here think that 'poetry' and 'poet' is a condition and not a vocation. we invent poetry because we have a talent with music and words, using words musically. that's what poet has always meant, and why poet is so important -- not because we fart good thoughts but because we show normals how to expand their consciousness through their natural language creativity.

normals wouldn't even know how to say 'look at the moon' if a poet hadn't first said, 'that's a moon'.

the problem with entitled normals here -- people who have ideas but no talent for forming them verbally Except through the talent of writing like other people -- is that they don't have a sensitivity for word usage and can't tell the difference between thought and verbal expression -- can't have a feeling for the continuity of language and feeling, just a satisfaction that they've said what's needed to be said -- like a cow mooing in a field says what's needed to be said. these people have pushed anyone creative off this site for years -- pushed off because someone didn't 'write with proper grammar' -- or, 'spell correctly' or because they 'write boring stuff nobody wants to read'.

i mean the excluders universally just trying to get attention for themselves, get whatever -- laid or whatever or some stupid ego boost because they're 'mothers' or 'victims' or 'family men' or 'just fucking normal'. and, i really don't give a shit about them if that's all they're here for. It's only about how talented you are with words. any dog can bark like a comedy club clone.

re: not what, but why  unknown  4 May 18 11:06AM Thread Closed

You just don't get it do you. Why you have ended up talking to yourself on here.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 11:14AM Thread Closed

i think the obvious thing is that you think that just by posting something you've shut down the dialog. are you from some patriarchal society, where you are an 'x' male and all is for you? for me, it's that you're not intelligent enough to work on more than one level of thought. you're a plodder, and you want writing of any type to be simple. one word at a time and not too complicated at that. also, as a personality type -- how you were born and what you can do with the mentality and spirituality you've come with, you don't seem to be able to see yourself as anything but a hungry puppy needing head pats. that makes you born to be a slave. slave poetry is kind of boring.

if you don't have english as a language you learned from your mother, and, you're not a poetry genius, then you're not going to understand how we create poetry in english. stop telling me how to be a poet for you. you're not who i'm interested in writing for.

re: not what, but why  unknown  4 May 18 11:22AM Thread Closed

Gosh you must be really working up a blather, or should that read lather. Its evident you so rarely get a reply you've got to make the most of it.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 12:04PM Thread Closed

who are you appealing to, in talking like a mother or a city council member? nobody really wants to join your posse -- that's the point of poetry: that it's private and perfect to the individual. but, if you're a weak person, a clone, needing a crowd to hide in, then fiction -- novels and short stories and manga -- is going to work better for you then here. you think that because you hooked up here with some sister and brother co-dependent addicts that that scene could last forever? look at who you are and who those people are. parasites.

if you were any kind of thinker you'd recognize that thoughts are contained in thoughts and not just words to shit whenever you have a monkey fit.

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