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re: not what, but why  unknown  4 May 18 1:42PM Thread Closed

The point is there is no one on here to join a posse...you've well and truly seen to that.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 4:45PM Thread Closed

no, it's your banality that had nothing to offer them. they're over at poetry circle being exactly what you want. possibly, you're not able to compete when there's only people like you around -- you all know exactly what to say to sound like players. the truth is, that your spamming of the advert stuff on our poems is what made people stop dialoging here -- you can see that historically: as soon as you started shitting on the poems people realized that any comment they made would be lost.

understand: it's your own banality which made made anyone with talent think this wasn't a serious poetry site. and, as for your kind, they left because they couldn't get teased and flirted with enough here to make time spent writing 'poetry' pay.

it's only your banality which gives you the impression that it's someone else's fault that you're not the genius lover you see in the mirror.

re: not what, but why  unknown  4 May 18 5:52PM Thread Closed


re: not what, but why  cadmium  4 May 18 8:16PM Thread Closed

that's pretty articulate for an unk. you know, i tell my friends that you're just a resentful teen, but they actually think you're homophobic.

it would help if you could write out exactly what your problem is with me. i'd learn, and they'd learn and maybe you'd learn too.

re: not what, but why  unknown  5 May 18 11:08AM Thread Closed

Evun mor extrornary.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  5 May 18 6:48PM Thread Closed

the job of any poet now would be to pull down my vanity and make me real. but, just responding to me like i'd told you you'd put on a little weight isn't going to work. and, if you're not a poet, just stand back and watch the show.

re: not what, but why  unknown  6 May 18 4:14AM Thread Closed

One thing is impossible and that is pulling down your vanity. Largely due to you there isn't even any sort of show on here. Hardly anyone shows up on Poetry Vitriol "disguised" as "critique."

re: not what, but why  cadmium  6 May 18 6:30AM Thread Closed

well, if you admit you're not a poet then that's a start. probably, you should write short stories about something... selling car stereos maybe.

you understand that my vanity is a construct of your ego. a poet has the ability to speak other egos and create other vanities.

have a nice sulk.

re: not what, but why  unknown  7 May 18 4:34AM Thread Closed

This greatly diminished "group" still here have had to endure you in stereo for what seems like forever. There is no one more vane than one who can't or refuses to see where fault lies. or when they have their stereo up to loud and almost certainly have never learned how and when to turn it down. Many pray that you will drive off into the desert with your stereo blaring never to be heard from again.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  7 May 18 7:33AM Thread Closed

there wasn't ever a group "here". the social picies functioned in private email and messages in the background. they gossiped and coordinated their responses. the cool thing was that some people here have talent and broke once in a while with the clones. sometimes we got some poetry from them.

understand that you can go join them at poetry circle.

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