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re: not what, but why  unknown  7 May 18 12:31PM Thread Closed

It beggars belief how deluded you are.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  7 May 18 1:22PM Thread Closed

if the site wasn't called 'poetry critical' you'd have a case. if it's critical, it's going to be as critical as possible, because that's the only way we can know our own writing as writing and not as fatuous exploitation of the emotionally vulnerable. including our own vulnerability.

i don't want to be liked by you, i only want to let you know that someone here is actually able to read you as deep and intuitive as you are able to write. your culture of 'likes' and 'top rated' is a fail. you've all just gotten dumber over the years, trying to write to be liked by people who don't even like poetry. in fact, the only time someone like you writes really honestly is when you have someone like me to focus your emotions and intellect into the writing medium. the rest of the time you're just masturbating with vowels and calling it sensitive.

your delusion comes from your ignorance of the history of poets and poetry. you've squatted here and faked up a poetry to have an identity as a 'poet'. you've no idea what a poet really does or thinks. no idea at all and it shows in your blurty little posts and constipated verse.

the other thing is that in your vanity you think everyone here is like you. if two others relate to what i'm doing here, then that's two people finding themselves as writers. that's two who aren't here for the lap dance. i'll give you some wiggle-room to come up with another of your animal responses to what you hear humans doing with words.

re: not what, but why  unknown  7 May 18 2:42PM Thread Closed

You should write a novel about how you are the light and the way. It would of course all be made up...maybe try non fiction?

re: not what, but why  cadmium  7 May 18 3:58PM Thread Closed

you understand that the way i'm reading you is that you're only capable of seeing the world as a fictional construct to satisfy yourself. you can't read poetry -- you don't read the world as poetry, just as transaction. could you, you'd actually talk to me about important things for us here.

it's a critical site, and you've squatted here and used it as a luv dumpster to fake yourself into normal. that's for poetry circle, not for an online poetry workshop.

re: not what, but why  unknown  7 May 18 5:59PM Thread Closed

LOL Same old Cadmium thinking even though he can't be the centre of the universe he can sit on his perch blah blah blahing away and his inner circle (3 mm in diameter) will nod their head s and wonder when the hell he's going to shut the fuck up so they can go home and   write some more shite for you to shit on.

re: not what, but why  cadmium  7 May 18 11:38PM Thread Closed

i don't like people who pretend to be literate but only read at a dull twelve year old's level. you understand if that i'm not writing for you? i'm writing for the occasional tourist who likes poetry enough to figure it out and wants the challenge. you're just the janitor wandering the halls and looking for another golden moment like you had when the toilet backed up in 1973. i mean, when whomever said you were wonderful and gave you a ten and put your masterpiece up in the top rated shelf behind the dog kibble.

re: not what, but why  unknown  8 May 18 12:25PM Thread Closed

Oh dear Cadmium seems to be a little intemperate today. His scrawney feathers have been dusturbed . Time to get down the halls and check if you gave the toilet a proper flush

re: not what, but why  cadmium  12 May 18 5:34PM Thread Closed

queen victoria drag.

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