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'geckodrome'  cadmium  7 May 18 10:45PM Thread Closed


i was 'geckodrome' before i got banned for not farting nice things about how nice it is that you came to visit. really, a very low-brained moderator had me banned because she wanted the site to be a social site nice place. that's like saying it's a sleazy bar that old women and men can say funny drunk things and be liked because the lights were so dim anyone looks like fresh meat. it was a stupid scene then, with some people trying to get their writing thing together and others just telling them to lighten up because 'it's only poetry'.

but, this kind of crit, this is what you've gotten from me over the years -- this kind of helpful crit. the unk, towards the end -- someone homophobic who'd been on my case since day one for being in her dating bar -- trashes the dialog. that's why the site's gone to hell. because someone didn't like non-passive queers in their special sensitive site. pet gays are fine though. they bend over, attack whomever the mob hates, to seem nice, even if they don't really want to be nice at all.

vida has written some beautiful poetry here -- has inspired me to write smarter and with more awareness. i've always supported vida against the grammar nazi's and bedwetters who attack anyone serious and just want to hear nasty porn words in 'poems'. vida's not gone from the site because of me.

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