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unknowns  rivergood  9 May 18 4:16PM Thread Closed

why does unknown poet exist ?

re: unknowns  unknown  10 May 18 3:42AM Thread Closed

Why are you even on here behaving like an existential nobody?

re: unknowns  cadmium  10 May 18 12:50PM Thread Closed

some people are really sensitive. others are used car salesmen who want you only to believe what they say, not what they want.

debate: is it important to know the author in order to understand the poem? for crit, among other poets, it's important to know where the author is coming from... how they've written before, because all we are is really into the poetry part. some of us you wouldn't want to know in person. but our reconstructio of ourselves as creatives is like all the energy of nature.

some just hide behind unk-ing because they donxt have their own style. they hate style, hate us, cause they know that's whatxs beyond "just say'n".

re: unknowns  unknown  11 May 18 3:39AM Thread Closed

this coming from the man who has "style"? mmmmm.

re: unknowns  cadmium  11 May 18 4:02AM Thread Closed


'style' is when you use question marks and 'mmmm.' it's not attitude itself, it's projection of a state of being. for poetry it's a state of spirit and consciousness, but not your kind of craig's list ad for a lap dance, giving or taking. you're a polite neanderthal, yes, and everyone's welcome at poetry feelgood, but this is poetry critical.

re: unknowns  rivergood  11 May 18 8:21AM Thread Closed

unknowns  prevents the reader from delving into the poet development of the author

re: unknowns  cadmium  11 May 18 8:42AM Thread Closed

delving in -- but, a lot of them want that. it's like dressup where you're not supposed to be anything but your costume. some of the unks want to play, and that's good. i feel that if they're not really here then a crit of mine won't be here either, and that means i can be honest with them about what i feel about the poem, because they're not here for the poetry anyway. just here because it's easy to write a 'poem' and get a response and a hug.

re: unknowns  jenakajoffer  11 May 18 11:01AM Thread Closed

unknown function is a tired conversation, who cares, sometimes anonymity is better for both the author and the reader.  at least there's an option, and that's nice.  enjoy the reading.

re: unknowns  unknown  12 May 18 6:12AM Thread Closed

Cadmium ...you are so unknown...thank god.

re: unknowns  cadmium  12 May 18 5:33PM Thread Closed

LOL. you can't get enough of me.

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