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keep it critical  cadmium  13 May 18 12:32PM Thread Closed

there's only one place on the net where you ca give a real crit, one that asks the author why they think their piece is poetry.

there's so many places on the net where you can pretend to be anything you want. poetry circle, for instance, is so politically correct there's no hate and no harsh judgements. everything is about you. you'd like it there. why not check it out.


re: keep it critical  unknown  15 May 18 3:20PM Thread Closed

poetry  circle don't  advertise  it

re: keep it critical  rivergood  15 May 18 3:26PM Thread Closed

Hello Poetry is another site A very good one in fact

re: keep it critical  cadmium  15 May 18 4:32PM Thread Closed

> poetry  circle don't  advertise  it

safe place. padded crits. no genders. people who hate me would find a home. trailer park home. walmart poetry dot com. hrlpful to advertise it.

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