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unknown critiques  unknown  25 May 18 3:44PM Thread Closed

all poems receiving critiques should not have unknowns as sly comments can be left

re: unknown critiques  unknown  26 May 18 3:47AM Thread Closed

Do i know you?

re: unknown critiques  unknown  28 May 18 10:47AM Thread Closed

you cannot have a symbol as a goal . old hippie idiom

re: unknown critiques  cadmium  28 May 18 11:18AM Thread Closed

do you mean an 'ideal'? is it your ideal, unk, that you can't have no stinkin' symbol as your jesus? but, the whole poetry thing is an expression into symbol stuff of wishes and dreams. personally, i dream that you might become verbal.

re: unknown critiques  rivergood  29 May 18 2:19PM Thread Closed

very true cadmium  an ideal as a symbol  very  1969

re: unknown critiques  unknown  30 May 18 10:38AM Thread Closed

While I don't necessarily agree with the existence of the "unk" function as it allows users to get away with poor levels of critique that may not be tolerated elsewhere and enables users to leave derogatory comments without fear of repercussion I have used it for a long time now because of being constantly attacked every time I used my user name by an OCD member, who shall remain nameless (for fear of waking the dead). I should point out that it didn't bother me but the vendetta was relentless and many poets were targeted and I, for one, couldn't be bothered with it any more.
I rarely post here any more as the level of critique is almost non existent as a result of a few who could not contain their comments to the task at hand, that being critique and people took advantage of the very casual level of moderation that allowed them to get away with unacceptable behaviour. The price paid unfortunately is that the vibrancy of this site has suffered at the hands of a few who's behaviour has led to many poets not posting here any more (perhaps for similar reasons that I have outlined?) which is a shame.

re: unknown critiques  cadmium  30 May 18 12:40PM Thread Closed

i don't know what level of critique you can tolerate, but thhe essence of poet is the presentation of self. it's not what you say, but your unique nature which shapes your poetry. none of us is prrfect, we can never really see hourselves without ego assertion. that assertion is, though, the engine of art.

in a critical space like this, there's no clown succes as poet. we have to be honest. if we don't know what youxve done, we can't know your dance. one jerk show for a one move win doesn't work here -- that's poetry circle stuff... an excuse and a work around wghen you have no talent and you've wasted your energy trying to look cute. showing who you are is to take responsibility for your art.

if i can put up with it, emo little faggot that i am, a tough dog like you ought to give as well as you get. you have to believe that you're giving something to every real writer here. it's not abot top ten and likes.

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