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re: The busy poets are quite  unknown  1 Jun 18 3:07AM Thread Closed

and stil he goes on and on and on and on and still doesn't seem to recognise one of the main reasons why this site has emptied and why he is banned from almost everywhere else.

re: The busy poets are quite  DeformedLion  1 Jun 18 4:16AM Thread Closed

The site is just awesome to navigate and presents your work really well. It's basic, but that's why it works.

The trend is more towards facebook and twitter type creative space being our collective conscious or time wasting toilet junkets. .. this place requires a lot of energy, "critical" or whatever. and it's reciprocal, more than hitting the like button and putting a heart down.

a while ago the site crashed- and it took a few days for the money to sort out- so that didn't help- all my poems seem to be trashed by spam and there is no effort at removing or making this type of thing hard to accomplish so it persists...and its so ugly and painful to navigate through.

like fuck the spam

plus i have no energy anymore.

re: The busy poets are quite  cadmium  1 Jun 18 12:17PM Thread Closed

dig into it like it wasn't enough and buzz. you've got so much talent.

re: The busy poets are quite  unknown  3 Jun 18 6:00PM Thread Closed

cadmium is the anonymous spammer..its obvious, he never leaves.

re: The busy poets are quite  cadmium  3 Jun 18 8:16PM Thread Closed

you never leave.

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