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why 30 days best  rivergood  30 May 18 2:52PM Thread Closed

why cannot older poems be given credit because of the 30 days best rule

re: why 30 days best  rivergood  3 Jun 18 1:05PM Thread Closed

i mean if i give 10 to a poem written in 2014 why has the 30 days poem got precedent

re: why 30 days best  cadmium  3 Jun 18 1:27PM Thread Closed

why do you care about  this rating business? are you a grade of meat? just being liked here means nothing in the real poetry world. it just means someone liked your story, mostly. hardly anyone here cares if the poetry works on the gut level of getting the reader out of mind-plot crap and into the world of physical nature. which is what poetry does -- it makes the reader dance with the poem. most of these frozen people don't want to show that much emotion: they like their emotion canned and safe, packaged as stories they can have a happy-face/sad-face about and feel entertained and 'thoughtful' and 'touched'. they touched alright. it's what they do next that shows their talent and brilliance: if they need to write a poem to respond and express, then they're poets. if they need to get a snack, they're just consumers looking for a buzz. you don't need decadent buzz-heads to write for.

re: why 30 days best  unknown  5 Jun 18 8:49AM Thread Closed

ratings actually mean less than nothing. Multiple IDs - who would have thought?
"and It gives me great pleasure to award myself 10!"

re: why 30 days best  unknown  5 Jun 18 8:50AM Thread Closed

Yes, well, very well done ME!

re: why 30 days best  cadmium  5 Jun 18 7:39PM Thread Closed

they want the awards because it makes them look attractive to narcissistic boys or girls. feed-back loop high.

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