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re: where are the moderators  cadmium  5 Jun 18 7:43PM Thread Closed

someone with a death wish.

re: where are the moderators  unknown  6 Jun 18 10:03AM Thread Closed

Do you think a disgruntled poet posts the spam? If my memory serves me correctly a couple of years ago spam was posted and they (poet) was logged in and was caught out as a result.
Any one remember?

re: where are the moderators  cadmium  6 Jun 18 11:53AM Thread Closed

there were several spammers over the years, including ****, who once logged on with his own id by mistake. also, the famous ****, but he was mostly just after me. since all they wanted was a dumbed down site, and not enhanced writer's consciousness, they just wandered away to poetry circle for healing.

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