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philosophy history, what is time for hegel and how poetry exists in time  cadmium  1 Jun 18 4:25PM Thread Closed

hegel's 'time' is that which is knowable, external. interior determinations and changes are ephemeral, they're reactions, formed by the spirit's urge to organize.

it all reduces to 'spirit', the last thing. spirit's only endowment is the urge to organize. in hegel the is no urge to merge, just to conceptualize.

the need to organize forms concepts. the only real concept, irreducibly, is the reality of organization. hegel's spirit is energy without any content except it reflects the spirit's necessity to bring order. spirit seeks spirit and resolves to spirit. spirit exists in order. time exits in the force, form, of spirit. this force is like a gravity, things resolve into rvents. events resolve into now. organization is the resolution into now.

ideas arise from sensation. sensation is a condition of organization: relationship is only practical in time. images aren't ideas, but related images are. images are spirit's determination of essence, an identification of otherness as spirit. organized, they become ideas. this is hegel.


re: philosophy history, what is time for hegel and how poetry exists in time  cadmium  1 Jun 18 4:30PM Thread Closed

hegel is an author. his urge to organize is not my own urge to create nature, not my brother's urge to merge. philosophers are just people. philosophy is just self-awareness. there is no universal philosophy. i believe in spirit, but i don't expect that everyone does. they still eat and sleep, just like me.

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