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spam deletions  rivergood  13 Jun 18 1:39PM Thread Closed

why doesnt the spam deletion button not  work

re: spam deletions  unknown  13 Jun 18 2:43PM Thread Closed

where are the moderators?

re: spam deletions  cadmium  15 Jun 18 11:59AM Thread Closed

why don't you read the posts in the message board? this problem has been explained just recently by a mod. they, she, doesn't want to spend an hour every morning hand-deleting.

you have people here who've left, mods, who've said nice things to you about your writing. then, if you, and i have, try to give them an honest crit about their poem they feel 'betrayed' -- it's just trailer-trash rules here, and the spammer is an open sewer. you either work around that BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO WRITE, YOU HAVE TO EXPRESS AND SHARE YOUR POETRY AND THOUGHT, or you don't. it's not about you or me or the mods or the spammer, it's about making only the words you can actually make, not faking out, pretending to be a 'poet'. even the spammer thinks she's a poet.

if everyone's a poet, everyone is also donald trump. generalities work all ways, not just the way you want.

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