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faail  cadmium  16 Jun 18 1:32PM Thread Closed

not posting here is pointless, a fail. it doesn't really matter one way or another.  i'll keep posting. just ignore me, because i will certainly be ignoring you. but, if you post a poem, that means you posted it to a poetry workshop and are asking us to help you find the poem.

re: faail  rivergood  16 Jun 18 4:09PM Thread Closed

thanks for your support

re: faail  DeformedLion  17 Jun 18 1:32AM Thread Closed

Yes you are free

re: faail  cadmium  17 Jun 18 12:45PM Thread Closed

i think i'm just getting old and need more oxygen. too many trolls suck the oxygen out of this place. each time i get a slam i have to think that through, see its truth, and then mentally respond, figuring them out. after a while, it's just dumb to keep following their open intestine comments up back to the opening of their mouth, just to go back down again to their hand. even though it's always funny to watch their jerk-off fists turn into little anuses as they type their witty shittings.

> Yes you are free

re: faail  DeformedLion  18 Jun 18 11:44PM Thread Closed

The last image is funny.

I think we are in space and hope the sun could thaw our melt into the cosmus. Maybe the trolls want to become one with us, intestinal or otherwise

re: faail  cadmium  19 Jun 18 12:27AM Thread Closed

they're trying very hard to get our attention.

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