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spam deletions  unknown  22 Jun 18 2:22PM Thread Closed

when we click on a spam advert we inform the moderator that it is flagged. why can't more members have deletion rights and then the problem will be dealt with quicker

re: spam deletions  rivergood  22 Jun 18 3:38PM Thread Closed

A very good idea. but to have these rights you have to become a moderator first

re: spam deletions  unknown  29 Jun 18 2:32PM Thread Closed

give more deletion rights to member's  Of late the sales spam id atrocious

re: spam deletions  cadmium  2 Jul 18 6:51PM Thread Closed

the spamming's done by this guy who thinks he's really a girl and wants us all to pretend he's a girl. kind of figure that his head is in a bad place, where he thinks that gender transforming is all it's about. when you try to just help him get over it, to just be a woman and stop making women and men celebrate his woman-ness, he bitch slaps you, essentially raping you, the way he rapes the posts with his sperm... uh, 'spam'. he's at heart a guy, so you can't argue him out of his idea reality. it may be that he's got a reincarnation trip going, where he got shoved into a man's body when he wasn't ready in his past life to stop being a girl... and the mods just gave up cause that stuff is just too sticky to clean up. also, they don't really like the smell of it, cause they're girls.

sad world.

re: spam deletions  unknown  3 Jul 18 1:11PM Thread Closed

its ruining the site and driving away people.  Some bad dude success  is destroying this site

re: spam deletions  cadmium  3 Jul 18 5:37PM Thread Closed

you've got to believe in yourself -- you''ve got to present and be challenged and challenge back -- becoming a writer as you write your reply -- stretch your word rhythm and figure your ideas into each other. you've got to just do this anyway, no matter whether they're narcissistic thugs. it's all about taking in what these unks say and seeing how they're right about their opinion of you, and then cleaning out your own opinion and writing back to teach them how to teach you... teach them how to teach me... teach them what would work. so, you just post and keep responding in pure poet consciousness. the spammer is the junk of the cheap, the noise from the t.v. upstairs.

what, anyway, do you want from us? because the important thing for me here is that i get a chance to respond and write back to things said to me and about me which are out of my comfort zone. i get the chance to be really challenged. the spammer is just what's on the toilet paper after a wipe. the really difficult thing is to hear that i have no heart and soul, that i'm negative and driving people away. i have to understand how much of that is true, and how much is just some libra's needing to make us into his posse. it'd be better if he'd post in his own name. then i could see what he is as a writer. it's up to me to make the site work for me as a poetry workshop. that's why i post so much and keep posting into the vacuum of vanity and impotent drywall stackers out of work.

re: spam deletions  unknown  4 Jul 18 12:40PM Thread Closed

do you know the spammer Cadmium. Ask him to stop

re: spam deletions  cadmium  4 Jul 18 1:35PM Thread Closed

his response is just to spam more. he's also over on poetry circle, a safe place for people who want to be poets but don't really like poetry, where he's all loved and all, and i'm not going to out him here. outing a rapist just makes him a hero to the delicate unks. they think rape is 'what some people here deserve.'

best would be for the spammer to drop LSD and spam his inner toad.

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