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saints, workers and sheep.  cadmium  27 Jun 18 2:25PM Thread Closed

here's a thought. i only recognize as types, saints, workers and sheep.

saints can do anything and make anything glow. workers, like me, make particular stuff which glows. sheep graze and are there and that's nice and they like saints but don't need all the stuff workers make, and we confuse them. also, they like being kept warm by other sheep.

re: saints, workers and sheep.  cadmium  28 Jun 18 8:11PM Thread Closed

  i f it were consciousness now,
there'd be,
and i'd be naked everywhere
with everyone on the streets with in our out of clothing,
friendly and simple mindedly just feel
good. all would be purely out of their teasing shirts,
and the bus would be free cause we'd walk everywhere.

i'd eaat ice cream all day, cause i'd be free
and wouldn't want to eat ice cream, the air
and water so sweet.

the mean people... the mean people would
be still mean but just to each other,
and never hurt the simple doofs like me
naked in the streets inside love.

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