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Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  mr_e  27 Jul 18 9:23PM Thread Closed

I read he died, i hope not..

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  cadmium  27 Jul 18 9:42PM Thread Closed

may 4th, this year. RIP.

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  cadmium  27 Jul 18 9:54PM Thread Closed

a go-fund for his wife and child.


re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  mr_e  28 Jul 18 12:09AM Thread Closed

damn.. that guy created a lot of opportunities for people to be happy doing their thing.. a big loss..!

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  cadmium  28 Jul 18 8:25PM Thread Closed

he had a good heart.

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  PollyReg  29 Jul 18 3:44AM Thread Closed

I feel like I'm going to be sick.

How did he die?

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  PollyReg  29 Jul 18 3:46AM Thread Closed

On the 4th of May. Jesus.

RIP Donald  PollyReg  29 Jul 18 4:07AM Thread Closed

This sites been around for a long time, hasn't it? I wonder if it will go offline now?

It's depressing news, anyway...Sad for the family. I never knew him but I think he was quite young, wasn't he? Younger than me in any case.

An unpleasant coincidence is that that particular date of this year coincides with a traumatic event, now passed, in my life too.

re: RIP Donald  cadmium  29 Jul 18 5:10AM Thread Closed

donald was down in mexico and got food poisoning. he couldn't get out of the sickness and he died. died in a coma, at least.

i've been here for i think 14 years? and, the site started a year before i arrived. there was a loss of data at one point, so the oldest work is lost. but, i PDF'd it before it was lost, and it was pretty much from the beginning a delight for donald. he came out of an ivy-league atmosphere of old-school writing and crit -- t.s. eliot and the romantics and whitman and all that crap. and, so when he saw the posts of naive poets burning and hustling into the poet world, not having any critical background or historical sense of what poetry had been, he was in heaven. he was a utopian, and the idea that 'everyone is a poet' was a core belief for him. that's also what made him abandon the site, according to him. it turned out that everyone may be a poet but that it didn't matter -- they were still pervs and trolls and cheats, and he baled on the site and left it in the hands of the 'mods'. the problem with the mods is that they thought he'd picked them because they were 'the best poets'... their words, i kid you naught. in fact it was just his thought that they wouldn't cause trouble. lots of trouble-makers in the early days. people who'd attack newcomers who might get in their way, distract the girls from adoring them or whatever. or the boys. the girls got into it too, by, as mods, attacking me for posting actual and valid critical thinking on the reality of what we were doing as writers at all, and why we thought we were writing poetry. the mods and the pods, they just thought i was turning on the living room lights during their make-out sessions and hated me. nothing more fundamentally hip to hear than some marginal writer saying i'm just posting things nobody wants to read -- as though this was a linear talk show and i was keeping someone else from talking. very stupid people when it came to being conscious and taking responsibility for their own writing. fortunately, sometimes they'd write a good poem, and that's the only reason the site is any good at all: sometimes each of us writes a good poem. one that's really so much from the heart that it doesn't look fake, like someone was trying to sound older than they were, or more smart or hip or adorable...  

re: Donald tetto isn't dead, is he?  mr_e  30 Jul 18 1:37AM Thread Closed

i regret bringing up this topic, I didn't think it was true, because i read nothing about it....sorry folks.. i know normal people prefer to mourn in private... i messed up..

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