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poem is a verb  cadmium  1 Aug 18 12:53AM Thread Closed

this is just a challenge for thought.

let's say there's four actions when you make a poem, four things you're doing.

one, that your feet are on the ground, you know where you stand -- the you is in you and not in anyone else anywhere else.

two, that your mind is inside your intuition, which is expanding your imagination outside your language boundaries, outside of cliche.

three, that your body is doing the writing or speaking of the poem as you make it -- on the keys, around the pen, with the lips -- however you're doing it.

four, that your feelings have converted into feeling as poeming, that you're poeming the poem and within the poem.

if any of these four are missing, you're not writing a poem. you're writing the outline of a short story too complicated to format any other way than 'mee make poem'.

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