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Banning Members  unknown  1 Aug 18 8:27AM Thread Closed

Why hasn't this Cadmium been banned from this site yet?

What is wrong with you moderators pretending democracy?

Fuck that shit.

re: Banning Members  rivergood  1 Aug 18 12:25PM Thread Closed

Ban the  spanner no poem no membership

re: Banning Members  cadmium  1 Aug 18 2:32PM Thread Closed

ha! the unk with a name who can't do poetry crit and thinks this site is all about making friends like it was facebook and we were school kids.

democracy is about inclusion. are you a communist, that i'm not following your party line?

re: Banning Members  cadmium  1 Aug 18 2:37PM Thread Closed

something that's really bad about these on line sites is that people can participate in a poetry workshop without saying anything about the poetry part.

but, here, why don't you tell us what's so wrong with me that i should be banned? i'd have banned you, rivergunk, just because your comments are so unhelpful. this site is for getting your poem honest so that you can publish it. it's not a social network page... not even close.

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