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re: squeeze the word  cadmium  7 Aug 18 7:14AM Thread Closed

in other words, instead of assuming that i'm like you and thinking like you, you should start by thinking that i'm crazy or something and probe, try to find out whether there's method and honesty in the post. i don't really care if you can't figure me out, but you should care that you're just thinking i'm an asshole. that would make all creative people assholes.

re: squeeze the word  unknown  7 Aug 18 2:38PM Thread Closed

Cadmium does underground poetry.  He gets upset at this saying he is a beat poet

re: squeeze the word  cadmium  7 Aug 18 6:14PM Thread Closed

thanks. i think it's about inventing a meaning for a phrase.

do not go gentle into that good night.

'gentle' is brutal.

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