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beatnik poets  cadmium  7 Aug 18 7:46PM Thread Closed

to me, beatnik was a very fine thing when it happened and while it happened. gregory corso, peter orlovsky... mostly, lawrence ferlinghetti -- at first -- had a musical sense of hit and run, dance to bop and jazz reality that filled their writing with happy non-conformity.

we were called 'non-conformists', and that would make the broken nerd allen ginsberg a tourist in 'beat', but not a 'beatnik'.

the new 'beat' would be 'punk'. and, you know how much you hate punk cause it's so un-cultured and self-indulgent. and, that's how academia and madison avenue saw beat, back when. back then.

what are your thoughts? comment below if you think beatnik was a happy/sadface thing. and, don't forget to subscribe.

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  7 Aug 18 9:08PM Thread Closed

every so often when i'm at powell's i look in on 'a coney island of the mind', and that collection, a few poems anyway, makes me feel happy about poetry and my background and just happy about humanity. larry has always been a very kind person. some of it rubbed off on me.

re: beatnik poets  unknown  10 Aug 18 7:15PM Thread Closed

Ive got a book on underground poetry from 1969 it is like Cadmiums style

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  10 Aug 18 7:24PM Thread Closed

which book. and, you must mean this particular poem's style? cause, i write in several styles. or, are you being sophisticated and understanding that your 1969 book shows that modern writing involves inventing styles? my stuff is formed out of ezra pound and the 1950's clones of ezra. but, i was re-informed by the beat poets and that made me not afraid to write musically. most people here are still just cloning w.h. auden's frozen-balls style of writing. he was queer and a communist, and the communists hated queers. bad for w.h., so he pretended to write down to earth poetry for the people. mostly wrote like a journalist. crappy poet. and, the people hate queers, so, ha-ha mr. auden, and ha-ha to the clones here, cause they're empowered by a clone into believing that poetry has to be simple-minded and whiny or it's not 'real'.

re: beatnik poets  unknown  10 Aug 18 7:47PM Thread Closed

Children of the Albion edited by Michael  Horovitz

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  11 Aug 18 1:49AM Thread Closed

thanks. i'll check it out. one thing, though, is that an anthology must probably have several different poets and several different styles. does 'styles' work for you as an idea -- where, the content is modified into a poem through rhythm and word sounds and concept relationships in the poem? -- all towards making the poem a real reflection and picture of the poet, and not just a passive gossiping about what went down or what someone did to you? so, still, how is my writing 'like' this anthology's writing? that'd make my writing pretty fucking universal and likeable, and my writing is not universal and not liked by anyone but people who are really into poetry.

re: beatnik poets  unknown  11 Aug 18 5:05PM Thread Closed

As you've said your style spans several  stylisations Thanks for your input

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  11 Aug 18 7:01PM Thread Closed

i think being a poet is something about wanting to sing in words. and, if you're really a poet you like poetry and want to play in all the styles. it's like music, where i like classical european and classical india and java musics. they each have evolved out of a scene where music itself was the most important thing about a song. like, the music could be taken out of style and into a new style, because they didn't have to worry that it'd be rejected cause it wasn't pop-schlock. same for me with early jazz from the 50's -- they didn't play for the radio. other musics too, where there was an audience that was really into music.

re: beatnik poets  rivergood  15 Aug 18 4:16PM Thread Closed

singing in imagery more likely

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  15 Aug 18 6:42PM Thread Closed

> singing in imagery more likely

rivercod, you're a retard. what medium does imagery exist in except the word. and what medium does the word exist in except sound and symbol? is imagery symbol or sound? it's both, isn't it.

more likely you've never thought about this till now and are just typing out in rabbit reflex.

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