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re: beatnik poets  rivergood  15 Aug 18 6:52PM Thread Closed

resorting to slurs is mean and limited

re: beatnik poets  cadmium  15 Aug 18 6:55PM Thread Closed

one thing real i can say for the beats is that they wanted to be heard as living beings in a lost world of de-humanization. saying they're 'singing in imagery' is dealing with them without actually getting into their poetry. every poet creates imagery just by putting two words together. any two words can be read by the intuitive reader as a 'poetic image'. the problem was is that brain dead readers, back then in the '50's, only read brain-dead poetry: w.h. auden, t.s. eliot, e.e. cummings, and the clones of these hit-makers. the beats borrowed down on the nascent cinematic phrasings of modern poets like eliot and cummings, but added a sound track.

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