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re: the spammer  unknown  24 Aug 18 4:12PM Thread Closed

Has Cadmium ever been spammed ?

re: the spammer  unknown  24 Aug 18 4:15PM Thread Closed

A quick look and presto no spam. This probe shows the culprit is close at hand.

re: the spammer  cadmium  24 Aug 18 4:40PM Thread Closed

the spammer picks sentimental oldies mostly. he/it doesn't seem to spam current, just spam to force current discussions into oblivion. anyone with a brain who's interested in the site has watched it/she's moves and tried to figure them out. if i get involved in a good discussion with someone, and make some good points -- post for knowledge and discussion -- the spammer  spams out four or five old pieces. 'why tears burn' seems to be a favorite. understand that when that/this posts spam it's also to bring a piece into the current. what/it wouldn't want my dialogs to show in the recently commented.

i don't like stupid people. the spammer is pathetic, but you people are an embarrassment to writers.

> A quick look and presto no spam. This probe shows the culprit is close
> at hand.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  29 Aug 18 2:58AM Thread Closed

I commented on a poem today, for the first time in months, and there is a barrage of spam left as (what I think) is my punishment. Apologies to all involved.

See Mike, it turns out that I am not the spammer I just BRING the spammer. The spammer is like a puppy in some ways. I call him Scruff.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  29 Aug 18 3:00AM Thread Closed

I call HIS scruff

When scruff is like bluff with a scrotum (but no blowy)

re: the spammer  PollyReg  29 Aug 18 3:09AM Thread Closed

Naw, screw that. I call his uff. The spammer is my muse.


re: the spammer  PollyReg  29 Aug 18 10:39AM Thread Closed

So as not to disappoint, muse song:


re: the spammer  impoppy  30 Aug 18 12:29AM Thread Closed

the spammer is donald trump, i have read on good authority (cnn)... I think donald trump should be banned from poetrycritical.net and called all sorts of names

re: the spammer  PollyReg  30 Aug 18 2:54AM Thread Closed

> the spammer is donald trump

That's a fun analogy.

I haven't been here for a while but I think the spam is probably just point making. Tho what point, I don't know.

Or, perhaps, just somebody trying to get clicks which is more likely. There are better things for people to be paranoid about, really.

Anyway Duckies...

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