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narcissist  cadmium  12 Sep 18 4:29PM Post Reply

i think the paradox is that a poem is always a picture of the author. but, if the author doesn't realize that people can read his soul in the way the poem is written, he'll think he's protected, think that he's only writing truth... that no one can see his real personality... objective truth. when, the only real truth someone that dumb can write is the truth about what he thinks about himself. thus, pissing down on us even more of his wonderful personality.

if you're not aware of your own games, you won't write yourself out of them.

re: narcissist  unknown  12 Sep 18 9:43PM Post Reply

when you spend hours on end, building the perfect boomerang, and you struggle, and you do everything you can do to get it right... and then you throw it, and it doesn't come back in the end into your own hand..

then that means you shouldn't be a parent.

re: narcissist  cadmium  13 Sep 18 1:54AM Post Reply

your conceptualizing what i do as though it were ultimately about you. yet, because you're not a genius you think that being about you is giving you nice things and admiring you.

i share, but people like you aren't literate and conceptual. you don't share back. that's why it looks to you like i'm trying to control you.

roll over. play dead.

re: narcissist  unknown  12 Oct 18 10:00PM Post Reply

you have to love yourself to be loved, we are always told.

narcissism isn't a bad thing, its a really good thing. But leave some room for other people

re: narcissist  cadmium  16 Oct 18 3:45AM Post Reply

'love'. what kind of love is licking a mirror? these aren't people as you and i know people. they're parasites using language to talk us into being their slave. they're the ones who say 'everyone's a poet' so that we're forced to let them into our sister's bedroom or seem mean. "he'z a poet! his eyes are like demon's eyes! ay could not resist his power!"

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