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re: narcissist  cadmium  7 Nov 18 9:45PM Thread Closed

i think the thing about writing is that it's like learning a musical instrument. that you learn the moves and learn how to write like you know writing, and then you get proficient and learn how to invent wording, the way you invent tunes on a  guitar. you become a write the way you become a musician -- it's not a born thing you're born with. it comes from practice and knowing what you want to do with this skill.

if words weren't action for us, we couldn't ask our mother for something to eat. you have to learn to say 'eat' and the other words that go along with asking for something. saying 'eat' isn't phony just because it's a word. in fact, the phony part is that we can ask for something from someone who we're trying to trick into thinking we're worthy. especially when we're young and don't know who we are and if we deserve to even live: nothing we say but some drama scream is going to be real. in poetry, because the simple can't think beyond attitude and opinion, nothing but sentimental facts are going to be available to their limited experience in poetry. they can't read conceptually because they want to always 'be themselves'. it's just that they're not developed into more than a needy child wanting to find the queen or prince or nice place to die in and live happy.

re: narcissist  fractalcore  14 Nov 18 9:12PM Thread Closed

cad, were you once a narcissistic writer? if so, when and how did learn your way out of that trap?


re: narcissist  cadmium  14 Nov 18 10:44PM Thread Closed

till i was about 60. still am enough to think that i'm writing and painting. i think losing the connections with anyone you love, losing people, forces you to start writing to the craft itself. you can't lie to the craft. but, it depends on what your body wants you to do with language. if it wants you to nurture its emo, then you'l use language to get stuff. as though you deserved the best, happiness. all that stuff. but, if it wants you to find out where its at, where you are, then language will be an open search for truth. truth can't feed you, but your body won't care because it won't need as much just to be itself. i don't think there's a choice. you are the you you're supposed to be. writing's the way i find out.

re: narcissist  cadmium  14 Nov 18 11:52PM Thread Closed

for the analytical mind, the poet able to talk about what poetry is and isn't, anything which isn't making poetry is self-indulgent. so, the attractiveness of the narcissist is worthless: a hipster or intellectual lawyer can narss up all he wants but he's only creating a show for his own nourishment. what has he to offer but his own momentary approval of you? and, not knowing people, we think this shining prrson is the best of people... someone we want. if we've got something going, looking for a reality, we quickly see that the narcissist creates himself as art and is only as good an artist.... a teacher for you... as his talent and conscousness might carry him out of his own delusion. maybe, then, as narcissists, if we're real at all we're real enough to write ourseves into freedom.

re: narcissist  unknown  16 Nov 18 11:41PM Thread Closed

we are all dead already, Gods project that ended up not working out quite right... a perfect being surely challenges himself still- challenging himself all the time is probably part of his schtick... We were corrupt from the start with adam and eve screwing us over... and as perfect as god is, he has worked out, which we have not, that our lives are worthless.. he didn't write any gospels or whatever, religious folk did... he just experimented with us, and told us what to do, and we failed. there is no heaven.

re: narcissist  cadmium  17 Nov 18 1:48AM Thread Closed

this is narcissistic drivel: it's all about you telling us you're too hip to be dead. all that religious jargon bullshit used to fill this skin sack of vanity. the only way to become real is to write until you stop lying to yourself. write until you find out what you really are afraid of and see you you trick yourself into happy-face. the only way to do that is by writing poetry, where you can only be honest to yourself: not just honest about what you think of someone, but honest in realizing that you're just playing word games to keep from being hurt.

better to hurt yourself a little through writing, than rotting yourself from inside trying to keep so cute and young acting.

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