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surprising how well the spam works for the site  cadmium  3 Oct 18 9:24PM Thread Closed

having got used to expecting the spammer i'm starting to realize how effective it is for the site: it pushes us to think for the moment and work harder at what we post. you can't build up a phony persona of 'poet', drooling sensitivity and soap opera, if each instance of your wonderful is lost in spam. you have to either be a poet and believe in yourself -- the way a few of us do here and have been doing -- or, your narcissistic self is so offended that you leave. narcissists leaving on the next bus is always a good thing.

at first i thought the spammer was some kind of DADA poet, showing that poetry posting was just posting anything at all. then, i thought that the spammer was trying to destroy the site, driving everyone away. now, i think the spammer is just a typical guy raping whatever's available to rape. it's part of his character, even if he's supposed to be pretending to be sensitive.

re: surprising how well the spam works for the site  Bruiser  8 Oct 18 9:12PM Thread Closed

The spammer always posts a list of top brands, but I would bet he/she dresses totally shite, I get a good laugh out of that, I bet the cunt has never gone and bought Gucci in their sad fucking lives. Primark more than likely, Hahaha.

re: surprising how well the spam works for the site  cadmium  9 Oct 18 5:12AM Thread Closed

i think more interesting is that he might be using spam content he receives, from shopping for what he actually loves best: dressing, clothing, faking with disguise. masks. black ski masks. KKK robes. storm trooper costumes. latex sex costumes. old torn jockey underwear. suitcases for out of town work. knee pads.  

re: surprising how well the spam works for the site  cadmium  9 Oct 18 5:22AM Thread Closed

for sure is that the pieces he bumps with spam are consistently the most insipid pieces.

some men are just meant to be drones, to exist only to find and fuck a queen. this spammer probably isn't about fucking women, but certainly his reaction to criticism must be the reaction of a passive hero worshiper for drones and the narcissistic women who await them.

a spammer showing that kind of creepy nurturing of the frustrated and victimized, those 30 year old dreamers who just don't get no respect or sex. it's almost poetic... and, when the lights are out, perhaps mutually satisfying. the drone really only lives in a fantasy world, and the spammer only spams in a world where he's not a he anymore. it's almost poetic. sort of. in prison.

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