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Head in Your Hands

Did home let you breathe
beside a man you hardly knew
while he screams at ex-wives
over confused cell phones
under unkempt moustaches
in brand-new pick-ups?
Face in a book
Mouth in a coke
and on a smoke
Has the bell bit the leash
that girds your neck
sitting half on a chair
trying to give an ear
to a girl you'll never know
in a world you'll never see?
Lips to a pen
Nails to the floor
Eyes to the long hand
Did the hook not catch
a school of familiar eyes
you thought were plugged in
linked and at ease
but instead flushed the faces
of any fishmonger that cared?
Words don't help
Glances hopeful - lost
Body language interpreted
Was it guitar string tight
when you mentioned the night
that the wind carried songs
that the birds could not mimmick
hearing the notes through your blood
like a Siren's whisper?
Face in a pillow
Pupils on the ceiling
Heart in your hand

4 Sep 04

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This has a really nice flow to it.
 — unknown

Nice flow, nice rhythm. It gets more interesting as it goes on. Very nice. Is that a typo in l1? did you mean breathe?
 — elysium

good tflow, nice rhyming, over all very nice, i liked it. :)
 — stainedsteel

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the compliments..
 — zebrastripes

Did anyone catch what this one was about?  Any critique would be great.
 — zebrastripes