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I Think I Need an Exorcism

I screamed into the house
and threw my blanket aside
with unconsciously stylized movements
they say I’m crazy
when I’m crying
smiling though
always lying...
coming through an age we all think we're dying
pictures are falling
down off the wall
and all and all and all and all
is worth nothing at all
I laugh and laugh until I hear the phone call
its funny when I repeat the obvious
a mantra of the mundane
a central dissension in the room
as my mind is crawling across the walls
Linda Blair is screaming "fuck me fuck me fuck me"
and it doesn’t sound to bad
it makes people spit
when its my eyes that are staring down sanity
and they say I’m crazy
I think I need an exorcism.

1 Oct 04

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L23--"it's". There's something wrong with the grammar on this line, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Fantastical. Alomost, very nearly better than KFC. (I love popcorn chicken)
 — wendz

3 put me off reading the rest.
which i skim stone read
23 doesn't need the "that are"

 — unknown