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I Thought It Was Alcohol, But It Tasted Different

Seagram, Absolute, A fifth of Jack,
Captain and coke, and I took it back...
Beautiful you were, smiling always
and the flash didn't work
but I got the picture, though fuzzy alright.
Every laugh felt more at home,
this was just October, and rightly we fell.
Though you're my best friend's friend
we let it ride, so happy
This college intoxication couldn't erase the night.
And when I thought of someone else
standing next to you, I took it back.

10 Oct 04

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This is actually quite well written, short and direct and its catchy at the beginning, L8-10, aren't the best, consider a revision there, otherwise I like it.
 — unknown

yes it isn't bad at all.
however everytime I read it
i think Jack Captain?
and as i couldn't think of anything else to say,
i thought it was probably better to say nothing at all.
i've suddenly realised however, that it tastes different.
now i'm happy and content in my found meaning.

 — unknown

That Captain Jack thing i got, it bothered me once i noticed it, thanks...
 — dmartin

This is great.  Very well done. Quite tight.
 — unknown

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