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How it is!

I apologize if you don't like me, it must be from
the  trust that I lack.
It was my choice not to have any friends, they
only add to the holes in my back.
Almost half of the time in our lives we will spend,
deciding to choose who is real from pretend.
Listen to the wise man as the wise mans wisdom
is told.
One mans trash is not another mans treasure
if that mans trash was stolen.
Im just a crazy guy with a crazy girl have a
crazy dog, and live in a Fu_ked up world.

17 Oct 04

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solid! strait to the point. every line is so true. this is HOW IT IS...
 — unknown

When I first read this, I thought that the rhyme in the first 6 lines was tacky, but by the end of the poem I changed my mind.  I lost the flow and had to re-read the last 6 lines to catch what they were saying, but otherwise it's very sincere.  A spade is a spade after all.  I'd probably pay a bit more attention to the form and function of the poem.  The grammer isn't great and it detracts from the impact of what is being said.
 — Champ

WOW!!! Yes that is how it is
 — unknown

yes yes yes
 — unknown

thanks champ
 — popedogg

it was good.
i can relate.
 — daguy4u2nv

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