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without a president looking president

putting on purpled thought.
from noone faced down on a singing nickel.
ventrilaquist pennies.
and george washington with his own coin for brain as pet.
              .in a leak thru a blindfold portrait.
-a city shrunk from mc escher.next to its box of sky
)exit light . birthproof,
a personified city with someone elses neck, carrying his eyesight in frames.
, taking the doorknob)
(he. in a human frame. a coldwater hat. and hand.
-weather machines.(the necessary angel.... ,locked)
            .my brain & eggs. since electricity
-as an arm out from a tooth.
in the eggless....... i dream of my poems thinking.
with the soft typewriter of the womb.
lenses extend.
shakespeare or asprin.
a day for doubting landing planes.
, thoughts old worn out vagina.
)i consider all ants to be sewing machines.  
solid paper. and eyes like new tools. chisel a sharp sky by hairs of einstein.
, or rain is to color : without boats
       .the extinction of spine and fragile water.
now: feeling memory shrink
since i was a child.
, using a whole eye.
and telescopes full of GOD.
-being the hippopotamous of my mind.
but still unburryable birthday.
.death and entrances.
as so much dry bread. to be bitten through.
                                         , in an empty museum.
, paintings record.  .a city park howl.
.umbrellad god--
, by the hand of the statue.
                       --at 700 mph
about the glory between teeth.
, from inside a dirty glass mind. perspective.
                    in the lowercase i
                                                 ,are birds spies. ?
       a light out)

.the presidents eye is dead

a sharp sky by hairs of einstein--
                                --an antennae for my toy eye

29 Oct 04

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proofreaders eye welcome here. ! ! !!
 — insideouteye

about punctuation...........FUCK THE FASHION SHOW!
 — insideouteye

or according to your lights. ?
 — insideouteye

proofreaders eye no longer welcome here .
 — insideouteye

 — unknown

 — insideouteye

This gives me electric eyes.
 — insideouteye

h, its vegetable swallow.
 — insideouteye

yes we are too thin
 — unknown

an automatic throat maybe
 — insideouteye

my sister says hey.
 — unknown

 — insideouteye

talk about eclectic.
 — psychedelico

im clapping.
 — baldeinstein

i have installed this into my frankenstein
 — baldeinstein

 — unknown

 — insideouteye

when swallows don't swallow
 — unknown

some interesting stuff here.

spelling stuff.

2 no one
3 ventriloquist
9 else's
28 hippopotamus
37 umbrealla'd

2 comma after no one
end with a semi-colon

5 i'm a fan of full language through versus thru.
6 nod to escher.
like 11

19 & 20 shrug me
27 saving your capitals for god eh?
sometimes i dream of words where god is the only word in small caps.

36 to 39 are just great
baldeinstein and you must be running backwards;
facing different directions.

good start
good end
so so middle.

worth the read just for 36 to 39
 — kaleidazcope

 — unknown

 — insideouteye

 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

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