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à mon amour

to my love:
you have been my life for two years
everything has been about you
do you remember it all?
the nights beneath the stars
the day at the park
i have always wanted to go on a picnic
do the memories mean nothing now?
i thought that you loved me
i have kept my fears inside
but tell me about your heart
and i will probably fall apart

how much more beautiful the french translation is, what the poem was originially written in. find it in the archives.

1 Nov 04

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everything sounds so nice in french. i really like this.  and the english version too. =)  the last two lines are my favorite.  if i knew french better, i'd have commented in french. =P
 — 8Gj00

merci beaucoup, 8Gj00.
i didn't expect such a great response.
 — yrrockstar

Sorry, but this is terrible, hackneyed clichéed, lower case i,
 — larrylark