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"Get out of this place" we screamed.
Police interventions, conventional contention
of faulty emotions, fucking fantasies we invent.
But we'll continue our descent, presidents may change
and cabinets will forget of this demise.
Take your pain, rain it all over me, the smell of that
night's still abundant in my sleep.
We're not tragedies, bloody comedies always ended
in homicides, slides down the bottom of the sheets,
we meet in the middle of the bed, we bled and scared
abundantly, living in, considering everything.
Your life's one big run-on sentence, a contest
to see who can last the longest, this fungus of
arguments and settlements, killing our innocence.
Innocence our killing, settlements and arguments
of fungus this, longest the last can who see to
contest a, sentence run-on big one life's your.
Everything considering, in living, abundantly
scared and bled we, bed the of middle the in meet we,
sheets the of bottom the down slides, homicides in
ended always comedies bloody, tragedies not we're.
Sleep my abundant still night's
that of smell the, me over all it rain, pain your take.
Demise this of forget will cabinets and
change may presidents, descent our continue we'll but.
Invent we fantasies fucking, emotions fault of
contention conventional, interventions police.
"Get out of this place" we screamed.

6 Nov 04

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this poem could go on forever-fibonaccica bread

i digumms, smacking with goodiness

 — onklcrispy

hmm. will read this later.
i like back to front things.

 — unknown

This should be on a System of a Down cd, it fits right in.
Its good though.
 — unknown