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Funny how one word can mean so much shit.
The different meanings of shit:
A persons belongings: Don't touch my shit.
Good or great: That's the shit.
Drunk: I was shit faced.
Drugs: That is some killer shit.
Damaged or broken: It took a shit on me.
Disagree: bullshit.
Conversation: Shooting the shit
We can't forget the original: Taking a shit
Shit can also back up the truth of what
someone is saying:
I shit you not.
I could go on and on but
I'll let you come up with some
of your own shit.

26 Jan 05

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this is the shit. i like it.
 — unknown

That shit smells goooood. I think you just completed the entire shitathon.
nice job
 — silly

Shit: This poem
 — unknown

i must say: very true
 — ducktape

too cool!!
 — daguy4u2nv

A poem about the dreaded S word!  I almost can't bear to say it but this is good.  
 — Isabelle5

Well, change your name to POOP DOGG!  You've earned it with this!
 — Isabelle5

Kooweeee I like this shit :D - the unknown who owes you two poem comments in lieu for you advice about the interview shit! lol
 — unknown

This is good shit :D
 — WildSymphony

thats really the shit!
 — Finewine32

very funny but i seems more like a silly forwarded email than a poem
 — unknown

the shit turned out to be some not bad shit.
 — popedogg

 — Andrew

Ha! funny isabelle
 — popedogg

Some shit that really don't stink!
 — unknown

going into my favorites
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — onklcrispy

this shit is some fucken bad ass shit
 — unknown

how long did it take to come up with this shit?
this shit is funny to me.
 — daguy4u2nv

 — Finewine32

very bad.
 — unknown

love this.
 — unknown

You could sell this on a shirt at Hot Topic.

But perhaps not.
 — OKcomputer

This is the shit.
 — FangzOfFire

Of course, this is nothing but a plagiarism of a George Carlin routine.
 — unknown

George Carlin did a whole bit on how people called marijuana "shit". Part of it goes something like this. "I've got a whole guitar full of shit." "You want to buy some?" So, of course, the other guy goes, "Why would I want to buy your shit?" And the seller says, "It's good shit, man!" Interesting poem but you can only do so much with shit. Reads more like a comedy routine.
 — wamblicante

this is worse than shit. and more stinky.
 — unknown

When i was a kid, we could not use "shit" as an emphatic or "shitty" as an adjective, but no one would criticise us for yelling at the appropriate time "Watch out for the dog shit!"  After 20 yrs in japan, i come back and when i yelled that to save my nephew (6) from stepping on it, rather than gratitude for being saved, both he and his friend (9) got tremendously excited and swore they would tell their mama's that "Robin said the "S-word"!  

And now there is a fine for saying it on the radio or TV!?  That is sick! I guess it can't be helped, shit happens, as they say, even to an entire culture. I am tempted to respond to our misplaced censorship as follows:

Big shit! (ironic putdown)

This site is weird. I put in a comment in Willing Women, Shaking Spears and posting it was bounced to here rather than shown my post (to confirm it safely uploaded). As I posted there: Please tell gnormal, wendz, inuki, charlie, netski and evi (Their Sea Animals in poetry thread was closed) that they can find 900 haiku about the sea cucumber in "Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!"  And note that this brainless creature made of smart material eats dirty sediment and poops it out clean.  I ain't shitting you!   rdg
 — unknown

shit-i mean this as in bad as in good.
 — crepaway

NO shit!  How wuzz that?!
 — starr

You can check out my poem, "Frozen Dogshit."  You might like the "shit" out of it!  Take care!  
 — starr

Definitely check out George Carlin. He did it way better. Look up "George Carlin" "shit" in Google and you will see where this poet probably got his idea from. I saw this skit and it was great. Poem gets a 1/10
 — Henry

fuck is that way as well. nice funny piece of truth
 — Estrella

holy macaroni shit.

: )
 — fractalcore

i totally love this poem,
remindes me of the shit list, a poster i bought my brother when i was a teenager.  only it was about different kinds of shit.

thanks kindly for writing this wonderous piece of shit,

the ghost-shit.
 — jenakajoffer

thank you for your comments. I do know who george carlin is. but only by name. he was a bit before my time if im not mistaken.  just an opinion i personaly think
the word shit has the most meaning or (difforent meanings) than any other word
in the english dictionary. this was just a simple list of the top of my head when i wrote it. I dont doubt there was a poster that had some shit on it and im sure there was a guy that talks some shit in a comedy skit. this is the exact point i was making in this poem. Every body deals with some shit every day. so if your comment was to be little  or to be a put down. all i can really say is

good day
 — popedogg

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