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in our senior year

this is a poem produced by the "high school" magnetic poetry set. i needed inspiration.

you failed chemistry
and the test of me and you
when you kissed her at prom
i wanted this to be love
but between detention and skipping English
it was only for fun
in our senior year

20 Feb 05

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haha, magnetic poetry, love that stuff

love this too
 — tragicbubble

yes... love it love it.
 — misspanda

thank you :)
 — yrrockstar

 — unknown

That is an amazing magnetic poetry set...it has the words Chemistry and detention...wait...it's the high school edition so that makes sense. Great poem...I don't miss my senior year at all. College is way better I think.
You arranged the magnetic words perfectly...I have a hard time with those.
 — MrChris