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the ex-girlfriend as an analogy

You are
the example
of my life.
In conversation,
it's always,
"when she"
and "how she"
and "who she"
and "where."
My experience
has all been
with you.
When I talk,
I talk about
what you
and I --
talk about
you, most;
you are most
of what I know
most about.

26 Feb 03

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diggin it!
 — mtw

i failed to realize the cleverness of the fourth stanza the first time.
 — username

love it! keep it up~ :)
 — sweetkiss

Very interestingly done, I must say.
 — Moose

i have to say that i really dig this
 — luella

Really nice, William :)
 — unknown

Whats the cleverness in the 4th stanza? I'm probably looking deeper than I should and not getting it but could someone please explain? Other than this perplexing situation I liked it...especially the last stanza.

 — unknown

"You are most of what i know most about." Those are the best lines of the poem. Love it.
 — Jsmiles05

I really like the repetition of words. It's a great effect for the poem. Also your punctuation adds so much here. I don't know if the poem speaks yards about the subject, though. It seems a little too logical and less emotional. You are talking about facts. If you talk about appearances and feelings and not just "knowing" we'll get this on the emotional level as well, you know?
 — zepplin42

She sucked you in and all you knew or know is her, she swallowed you whole.  I liked the read, thanks.
 — unknown

The theme is strong, but the translation is not.  Don't try to match words.  It becomes overly redundant.
 — themolly

this hit home.
 — yrrockstar

So clear, so sad.  Next experience helps dull the edges of the first love memory.  Not blot it out, just antique it a bit.  
 — Isabelle5

 — redbracelet